Paying Final Respects with Dignity

At Beth Shalom Memorial Chapel we arrange different types of funerals to meet individual needs. The main focus should always be on the wishes of the deceased. If the deceased did not express any clear wish while he or she was alive, we recommend that the relatives and other loved ones ask themselves the following questions when choosing the type of funeral:

  • What type of funeral would fit the life and personality of the deceased?
  • What effects will it have on how the loved ones will deal with their grief and their memories of the deceased?

We will meet with you personally to discuss these concerns.

Types of Funerals: Burial

It is customary for Jewish People to bury their dead in an in-ground grave. Our community has several cemeteries which are exculusively Jewish, whose grounds have been sanctified by its rabbis. There are several cemeteries which have Jewish sections and still others which are completely non-sectarian. We are able to assist you with the purchase of grave spaces at any of the area cemteries.

Types of Funerals: Cremation

Even though Jewish tradtion does not encourge cremation, some families, for variety of reasons, chose cremation for final disposition. As such, we have endeavored to crete sensitive and meaning options for thses families. We offer three basic cremation options while still allowing for individual expression.

Types of Funerals: Burial at Sea

In special types of funeral service following cremation, the urn is taken beyond the three-mile zone into open waters of the sea and the captain scatters the deceased's remains over the water. The deceased's loved ones will receive a commemorative certificate including the exact location of the burial and an excerpt from the ship's log. On request, the family of the deceased may also be present during the burial at sea.
This is the actual Environmental Protection Agency rule on burial of human remains at sea.Sec. 229.1 Burial at sea.